The SafeNebula Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade on SNBL : Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.

SNBL Tokenomics :

  • Initial Total supply : 1,000,000 SNBL

  • RFI static reward per transaction (Reflection) : 2%

  • Burn rate per transaction : 2%

  • Automatic LP Acquisition per transaction : 6%

  • Maximum buy/sell limit per tx : 70,000 SNBL


A buy, sell or transfer incurs a fee charges of 2% and the entire portion of this is re-allocated to every holder (“the yield”). The rebase mechanism works like an airdrop, but it’s not because it does not require you to "collect" it — quite literally, it just appears as an increase on your balance. The reward amount is conditioned upon the proportion of your holdings to tha total supply and volume of the token being traded. Your reward on every transaction : 2 % * Ntt * y / Ts. (y = your snbl holding, Ntt : number of token being transferred, Ts : current total supply)

LP Acquisition :

On top of the previous point, each buy/sell/transfer goes through an “automatic liquidity generation” event, an acquisition of 6% . This makes passive yield farming sustainable and constantly raises the token price floor. Here’s a simple explanation of the last point: the mechanism harvests the BNB and $SNBL, converts them to a liquidity pool token, and permanently locks it into the contract. Once in the contract, the LP token can never be moved due SNBL's contract ownership has been renounced , making the acquired liquidity a permanently locked feature of the contract. This entire process ends on a sell transaction with the tokens being harvested on every buy and any transfer transaction.

Burn :

It’s the blackhole in the space that forever takes 2% of fees on every transaction. Based on the past records, 2600 - 1000 tokens were burned daily subjected to the daily transaction volume.This allows the supply to decrease with more trading volume, introducing more scarcity and buying pressure into the ecosystem.

With all that being said, by holding SNBL you’re able to passively collect the yield.


Apart from the passive yield farming, SafeNebula is targeting to create its own synthethic assets with a total distribution of 50,000 SNVault (SVT). For SVT distribution, we will be using a modified version of the Pancakeswap farming infrastructure. Since SafeNebula does not intend to create its own competitor to Pancakeswap, we will not be migrating to our own pools. Instead we will just use the staking/farming model for distribution.

We have made a number of changes to the distribution system in order to:

  • Encourage long-term participation in the ecosystem.

  • Create a robust and diverse treasury.

  • Create additional treasury funds.

  • Penalize users who leave pools too quickly and try to manipulate prices or optimize farming.

  • Create locking and vesting to reduce deflation and align stakeholders long term.

Total Tokens : 50,000 SVT

Distribution : The plan is for the protocol to release a maximum of 50,000 circulating tokens over 1 year or more.The 50,000 circulating tokens is a hard cap. Users can earn SVT tokens by staking their SNBL/SNBL-LP to the SafeNebula Yield Aggregator Pool. SVT Token reward start to unlock on the same block for everyone and can be withdrawn on anytime. During the initial earning phase of SVT, it's expected to take more than 1 years before all distributed tokens are in circulation.

The distribution will take place in 2 phases:

Initial Release : In order to seed the SVT pool so to prevent mass collapse like other early yield farming assets, 9,000 SVT was pre-allocated, paired with 10 BNB and supplied to Pancakeswap as liquidity. At the same time, 1,000 tokens were allocated for team. These represents less than 20% of tokens to be issued, so the amount will quickly become irrelevant from the dilution (Staking or Farming reward). However, it ensures a larger distribution.

This initial issuance was used for:

  1. Providing initial liquidity to the SVT/BNB pool on Pancakeswap.

  2. Creating a bounty for users to create useful dashboards for SVT pools

  3. Paying rewards for an audit of SafeNebula ecosystem.

  4. Initial listing with exchange and trading partners.

Progressive Release : During the staking/yield farming phase, user will earn SVT each block for staking their SNBL/BNB LP tokens. For staking, 0.33% daily interest in SVT will be rewarded to stakers. (Farming : TBA). The goal of this distribution model is to reward a diverse set of users, as well as encourage the habit of staking SNBL/ BNB LP tokens.

SVT Tokenomics :

  • Total supply : 50,000 SVT

  • lnitial Circulating supply : 10,000 SVT

  • RFI static reward per transaction (automatically distributed to holders) : 4%

  • Treasury per transaction : 1% (Temporary stored in the form of LP)

  • Maximum buy/sell limit per tx : 250 SVT