NVT Offering

Merchandise backed Token


The Nebula’s merchandise marketplace aims to simplify the lives of blockchain project founders and fans by providing ready-made high quality crypto merchandise products for hundreds of most popular crypto coins and tokens. Users can order online different types of apparel and accessories for a preferred coin, token, or a project. All products are white-label, made using good quality materials, in classical style, with a high quality logo prints. Therefore, all products are universal and can be used in official conferences or for casual everyday wear.

Coming Soon (https://merchandise.nebulaprotocol.org/)

For more details about the Nebula’s merchandise marketplace, please refer to the store main page at (Coming Soon) (https://merchandise.nebulaprotocol.org/) .

The currency — dubbed the “NVT” — is a currency of Nebula’s merchandise marketplace, giving blockchain project fans a chance to buy merchandise and interact with the store in a manner like any fanbase projects. But while the value of the NVT is backed by demand from the sizable fan base, NVT behaves like a normal cryptocurrency, providing a digitally tradeable token with a floating value, which is also an asset solution that helps to bring fiat and other assets to BSC network via merchandise sale. Together with SNBL and SVT, these three tokens would greatly help enrich the Nebula’s ecosystem by: SNBL – Main token in Nebula ecosystem to provide liquidity to the ecosystem via pool pairing. SVT – Incentive token used in an effective reward distribution mechanism. NVT - An asset solution that helps to bring fiat and other assets to BSC network via merchandise sale.

NVT Distribution:

  • Total Supply : 300,000

  • Seed Round : 20,000

  • DeFi Community Round : 40,000

  • Liquidity Pool : 35,000

  • Team & Marketing : 5,000

  • Mining Reward : 150,000

  • Airdrop Reward : 50,000

NVT Tokenomics:

  • 4% of each transaction is distributed to holders as a reward.

  • 5% of each transaction is add to liquidity. 2.5% generated LP will be manually locked by the team daily. 2.5% LP withdrawable to fund BUSD farm, BUSD airdrop, and marketing expenses.

Rules Seed Round

Accepts strategic investments from individuals or organizations who can help to promote the project, the maximum allocation is 1,000 NVT per entity.

The seed round price 1 BNB = 400 NVT

DeFi Community Round

Maximum allocation is 640 NVT per entity. To prevent unfair competition, qualified community member must fill a form distributed on 2021–04–22 23:30 UTC in our telegram group. The allocation will be first come, first served.

Community Round price 1 BNB = 320 NVT


Starting from 2021–04–22 00:00 UTC to 2020–04–22 23:30 UTC, Nebula dev team would collect 1 snapshot each hour for all BSC wallet address on Nebula protocol consecutively for 11.5 hours.The exact snapshot time during each hour would be random. To qualify to join the Defi Community Round, your wallet address must stake at least 500 SNBL or holding 1000 SNBL or 100 SVT in all snapshots. Team will crossmatch the whitelist wallets and the snapshot.

Liquidity Pool

35,000 NVT Token and 117 BNB will be allocated to list on Pancake-swap in 1 hour after DeFi Community Round’s pre-sale.

Listing Price = 1BNB = 300 NVT

Team & Marketing

5,000 NVT Token will be allocated for team and marketing.

Mining Reward

Our community is important to us at Nebula, and we wanted to reward SNBL & SVT tokens holders who have been supportive by bringing them additional utility outside of what exists within the Nebula ecosystem. 50 % of NVT supply (150,000) is distributes among 3 staking/farming pool as below:

Staking Pool 2 - Coming soon

  • Stake SNBL to farm NVT

  • 1 % daily interest

  • 10.5 % withdrawal fee

Staking Pool 3 - Coming soon

  • Stake SVT to farm NVT

  • 1% daily interest

  • 5% withdrawal fee

Farming Pool – Coming Soon (Value DeFi)

  • Stake SNBL LP to farm NVT

Airdrop Reward

A lot of our community member have expressed their concerns about the high withdrawal fees on staking Pool 1, and Nebula’s team value their opinion. To compensate/incentivise user who used staking Pool 1(Stake SNBL- to farm NVT), users will be compensated 5% of the total 10.5% withdrawal fee, via NVT airdrop.

The NVT Airdrop will be conducted daily on UTC 02:00am.